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Accredited and Approved Holistic Health, Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness Certifications and Continuing Education Courses

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GMP Fitness® Accredited and Approved Holistic Health, Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness Certifications and Continuing Education Credit Courses


GMP Fitness® Holistic Health, Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness Certifications, and Continuing Education Courses are designed to be progressive and positively energize, inspire, and fuel your life for long-term success.: The courses are or have been accredited and approved by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), and many others.

gmp fitness holistic health nutrition online courses

Holistic Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Certificate and Continuing Education Credit Courses (CEUS/CECS)

Short Studies: Holistic Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Courses that give you a readiness for acquiring more experience. These courses offer an affordable way to earn credits and get information on health, nutrition, and fitness. Simple digestible learning for all fitness enthusiasts including high school and college students.  Short online courses that foster a healthy, fit lifestyle.

gmp fitness professional certifications online courses

Professional Holistic Fitness Specialist Certification Credential Courses and  Continuing Education Credit (CEUS/CECS)

Expertise and Career Development: Gain a concise introduction to a subject. Become an expert with these specialized holistic fitness studies and gain more skills with targeted concepts. 

gmp fitness advanced certifications online courses

Advanced Holistic Fitness Specialist Certification Credential Course Bundles and  Continuing Education Credit Courses (CEUS/CECS)

Expertise and Career Building: Advanced Holistic Bundles are a combination of Professional Specialist Courses and are an excellent way to acquire a package of Specialist Credential Programs at a discounted price. 

GCAQ Specialist Credentials – Elite and above – Innovative, higher-education that provides methods that support and inspire effective life-long learning and fast achieving dominance.

gmp fitness elite certifications online courses

Elite Holistic Nutrition, Health, and Performance Specialist Certification Credential Courses and Continuing Education Credit Courses (CEUS/CECS)

Expertise and Career Expanding: Leap to greater success and redefine your career with Elite Holistic Courses. For health and wellness professionals looking to grow their skills, their knowledge, and their connections.
When you complete all course requirements you will receive a verified certification credential certificate and you are eligible for Board Certification.

GMP Fitness verified certification credential certificate and you are eligible for Board Certification. Holistic Health Nutrition Certifications

gmp fitness master certifications online courses

Master Specialist Certification Credential Bundles and Continuing Education Credit Courses (CEUS/CECS)

Expertise and Career Advancement: Help your business achieve explosive growth and master a specific subject in depth. For personal enrichment and advanced or seasoned professionals health and wellness professionals looking to forward their talents, experience, and associates.

gmp fitness champion certifications online courses

Champion Specialist Credentials Coming Soon

Expertise and Career Reaching Further: We created our Champion Curriculum to give you blended programs that support deep student learning and empower high-quality instruction. This leads to consistent, high-quality results and a rise in self-confidence.

gmp fitness certifications online courses

G Signature Specialist Credentials – Coming Soon

Going Beyond a Holistic Training Approach. Our G Signature Certification Courses — A Whole Person Health Approach –  Inspiring All to Live Healthier, Fitter, and Wiser Way of Life™.

GMP Fitness® Has Over 70+ Accredited and Approved Holistic Health Certifications and Holistic Nutrition Courses


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Years Creating a Culture of Excellence

GMP Fitness® is widely recognized, accredited, and accepted as one of the foremost Speciality Certification and Continuing Education companies. For more than 30 years, GMP Fitness®  has been dedicated to creating and providing fitness education and products that benefit both professionals and their clients and anyone seeking to achieve personal growth

With the GMP Fitness® Accredited and Approved Holistic Specialist Certification Online Courses you will gain the knowledge and skill to get people moving and lead healthier and fitter lives.

Sports Conditioning Certifications

GMP Fitness® provides a wide range of sports conditioning specialist certification programs with an amazing selection of exercises and progressions and specific training prescriptions to help establish you as the go-to expert.

Golf Fitness Certifications

Golf Wellness Specialist Certification

Move your career further with our popular golf fitness specialist certifications that help you assess and create optimal training programs to open up new opportunities to help golfers lower scores and prevent injuries.

Health Conditions Certifications

Spinal Health Connection Specialist Certification

Use movement as therapy and lead and motivate individuals experiencing injuries and chronic disease toward a healthier life by creating programs that help relieve and prevent chronic health conditions.

Soccer Certification Specialist Programs

With the soccer fitness certification programs you will gain a library of the best soccer conditioning and training exercises to increase strength, game endurance, speed and agility, prevent injuries and improve tactical skills.

Active Aging and Senior Fitness Certifications

Longevity Wellness Coaching Specialist Certification

With this credential you’ll reach a wider, more diverse set of clients and be able to design exercise programs for older adults with a holistic approach that leads to overall health and longevity.

Personal Training Specialist Certifications

GMP has a wide range of personal trainer and group fitness specialist certification programs that make you the authority in athletic and core training, flexibility assessment, and corrective exercise.

Health and Wellness Coach Certifications and Online Courses

Posture Exercise Specialist Certification

Become a well-qualified professional and learn how to guide individuals and groups through physical-activity, nutritional education and with effective, dietary and lifestyle changes that boost wellbeing.

Holistic Nutrition and Weight Management Certifications

GMP Fitness has a variety of sports, health, preventative nutritional certification and continuing education programs that will give you the expertise to be the go-to expert on nutritional guidance.

Over 4000+ 5-Star Reviews Say It All

Thousands of individuals, amateur and professional athletes, business owners and organizations, of all sizes and industries, across the world use GMP Fitness® solutions to fulfill all their educational needs to get active, improve performance, remain injury-free and establish a lasting competitive advantage.

Dez Nowaczyk, GMP Fitness® Certified Specialist
GMP Fitness courses are phenomenal! I have participated in, learned from, and benefited because of these courses. The information is up to date and in line with any person’s desire to enhance well-being. Daily, I apply the insights and knowledge gained through GMP Fitness programs. My clients, students, and patients express gratitude for such valuable guidance. Thank you, Gina, for offering such wonderful certifications and continuing education courses.

Ted Hart, GMP Fitness® Certified Specialist
I am a retired project executive from IBM working on my second career as a personal trainer for senior-aged people. The standards of excellence at IBM are second to none and the quality of the GMP Fitness product would easily meet those high IBM standards. Well-organized, well-documented, and illustrated courses. The materials that are provided are first class. I enjoy GMP very much and the customer service is relentless.”

Erica Hunter, GMP Fitness® Certified Specialist
Each course I’ve taken through GMP is so thorough and encompasses so many exercises to use in workouts. The “library” of exercises to pull from is multiplied each time I study. They are so practical and helpful. Gina is so helpful and a great resource for questions and support. She makes GMP fitness great and a perfect choice for anyone who needs new ideas to take training to the next level!

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